All changes in the system and alarm activities are in auditable logs in EVALARM so that the greatest transparency always exists.

You can find the logs in the web console administration and limit them to a specific period for a better overview.

The corresponding logs are available as an Excel download.

Alarm Activity

Under alarm activity you can see all actions (alert creation, escalation, additional information, ...), which are recorded in the event of an alert. These logs can be exported and evaluated in the follow-up.

In the protocol you can see who has started, received, accepted or rejected, updated or ended an alert.

The content of the updates also get logged in detail.

Structure Changes

You can thus track every system change and which user has made changes in the configuration.

This allows you to quickly locate and fix bugs.


Under Events you can see all incoming events from configured alarm devices.

Time Tracking

If you are using the module Visitor Mangement, beside the alarm acivity and the structure changes, the section time tracking is available for you. In this section all visitors, who were checked in and out.

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