The Super Administrator and Super User offer you a complete overview to all of your company's locations.

As Super Administrator or Super User you can log into the EVALARM Admin-Panel under You will receive a registration Email once you were set up as Super Administrator or Super User.

Once you logged in, you will see the home screen. Using the locations button you will see the company overview with all locations.

In the company overview you can see all of your company's locations as well as the relevant contact person in a list. You can also switch between the tyle and list view with the button in the top.

If there is an active alarm in one of your locations, this location will become red.

By pressing the button on the right, you will automatically switch the that location and gain access according to your role.

On the location level the Super User has access to the cockpit (picture on the right) whereas the Super Administrator also gains access to the local administration panel (picture on the left).

If there is an active alarm in the location, you logged in as a Super Administrator, you can get to the overview with all active alarms by clicking the button "Go to Cockpit". The Super User gets directly to the active alarm overview by logging in into the location.

The button next to the company logo will bring you back to the company overview.


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