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In a crisis situation, there are specific and situation-dependent tasks and instructions for actions, which must be worked on or taken into account.

EVALARM supports you by creating task listswith important tasksand reminderswhich can be assigned to users and alerts.

In the case of an alert, the relevant tasks and reminders are transferred to the mobile apps and are available there.

In this case, you determine which user groups, which tasks and instructions are given.

The following explains how to:

  • Create task lists
  • Create tasks and action reminders and assign task lists
  • Link task lists with processes 

Create lists of tasks and instruction lists

To assign tasks to the right people at the right time, you must first group them into a list.

For this purpose, see the task lists under workflows.

You will find an overview of existing task lists here, where you can edit, delete and create new ones.

The sort key determines at which position the task list will appear in the EVALARM App. The higher the sort key, the higher up the task list.

Create tasks and reminders and assign task lists

You can then assign specific tasks to the task list created.

In addition to name, sort key and description, you must specify the task type.

There are two different types of tasks here: tasksand reminders.

Tasksare provided in the form of a “to be executed” list.
The processes can be carried out in parallel by several users and are automatically synchronized. Thus, all users always have an up-to-date overview of the status of all tasks. The current status of the tasks will also be displayed in the cockpit.

 Only tasks include a read receipt.

With the module patrol round you can create tasks as checkpoints, this means that a scan via nfc, barcode or QR-code is required to mark the task as done.

The reminders are action instructions that are displayed on mobile devices and to those affected, providing important information.

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You can then assign the existing tasks or reminders to the task lists.


Add documents to tasks

Furthermore you have the possibilty to add documents to tasks. These documents can be opened in the app directly in the task.

First you go into the task which you want to add an document.

Next you go to "Documents" and "Edit".

Then you can see all the documents which were created. For adding the document to the task, click on the (plus) button and finish the process with "Update".

If the document you want to add is not shown in the list, you have to create it under documents firstly.


Now the added document can be opened in the task by pressing the button in the right upper corner of the app.


Link task lists to workflows

So that the right people have the right task lists at the right time, they must be linked with the alerts through the workflows.

For this you can select the appropriate workflow and click view, or simply create a new workflow, as desired.

In the Actionpanel, you can now add task and contact lists for the specific workflow.