In the following we would like to explain to you how you can connect technical devices that send an SMS to EVALARM.

Possible devices are SOS buttons, mobile fire alarm systems or fixed fixtures such as elevators. The device sends an SMS to EVALARM and triggers a correspondingly configured alarm.

Such a device is always connected in two steps:

1) Configuration of the device itself: number to which the SMS should be sent

2) Configuration of the device in EVALARM: From which number does the SMS come? Which alarm should this trigger in EVALARM?

The following points must always be observed for all SMS configurations:

  • The divice has to send the sms to this number: +49177178456
  • Only one configuration can be created for each stored number
  • The number stored in EVALARM must be entered with the country code and without "+", e.g. 49, 43, 44, ...
  • The creator (initiator) who is selected in the configuration must have the authorization to trigger the corresponding alarm type
  • Optionally, there is the possibility to automatically trigger an EVALARM system hint "Technical fault" when a wrongly configured message or number is received.
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