In the following we want to show you how to connect technical devices or software system via e-mail configuration to EVALARM. Possible devices are technical system, fault monitoring systems or IT systems. The connected devcice send an email to EVALARM and a pre-coonfigured alarm gets triggered.

Two steps are needed to connect such a device:

1) Configuration of the device itself → e-mail adress; add token to subject or e-mail-body "tk: XXXX"; add "ms:" and cut with ";" for the relevent parts of the e-mail-body

2) Configuration of the device in EVALARM → What is the token, which gets generated by the device (→ subject or e-mail-body)? Which alarm should be triggered in EVALARM?

First Steps

1) Enter a name for the configuration

2) Enter a prefix

3) Select the user, who should be the initiator of the alarm (the initiator also can be a dummy user, e.g.

attention.png The initiator needs the permission to trigger the selected alarm

Variant 1: One alarm type with one or more token

1) Select the alarm type, which should be triggered in EVALARM with the configuration

2) Add one or more token to the alarm type

3) Finish with "Create"


alarm type: Technical Fault     tk: fault

Variant 2: Several alarm types

1) Select the alarm types, which should be triggered in EVALARM with the configuration

2) Add one or more token to the alarm types

3) Finish with "Create"


alarm type: Fire                       tk: fire

alarm type: Technical Fault      tk: fault

Generate the alarm e-mail

After creating th e-maiö configuration, you can generate the alarm e-mails.

Therefore click on the gear symbol beside the token (tk).

In the po-up you can find the e-mail-adress, the alarm device has to send the e-mail to, and the subject with the entered token.

If you want to trigger a specific alarm level of the selected alarm type, select the alarm level in the upper bar.

If you want to display only parts of the body in the system message field of the alarm, please add "ms:" before the relevant part.

The token "tk:" and the separator "ms:" can be in the subject line or in the e-mail-body.

If you want to send an test e-mail, click on the relevant button. The default e-mail programm of you PC opens automatically a test e-mail with the relevant informations of the configuration.

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