The Android operating system controls the battery usage of apps through the battery optimization. Apps with these feature activated only use battery, when it is necessary. If the battery optimization is activated, hardly used apps are going to be executed less, if not currently in use.

In order to guarantee a fast and reliable alarmisation by push notifications through the EVALARM app, it is crucial to deactivate the battery usage optimization for the EVALARM app.

Following, we will guide you through the process of deactivating the Android battery usage optimization for the EVALARM app.

To deactivate the battery optimization on Android, go to menu.

Now go to App Permissions.

Here all the app permissions of EVALARM are displayed.

To deactivate the battery-optimization, press the battery optimization button on the right.

Following, you will be directed to the battery optimization configuration of your mobilephone.

You will be shown all applications, that have their optimization already deactivated.

Filter for "All" in order to show all applications and search for the EVALARM app.

Next deactivate the battery optimization for the EVALARM app.

After deactivating the battery optimization, your screen should look like the depiction on the right.

The Android battery optimization is deactivated successfully.

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