EVALARM Interfaces

EVALARM provides various interfaces for incoming and outgoing communication.

EVALARM has an alert interface, which makes it possible to process messages, faults, etc. from other systems and to create defined alerts.
SMS messages, emails, ESPA, etc. can be adopted as standard.

Alarm systems and other systems can be connected to the location structure with specific locations.

Thus alerts can be assigned quickly and accurately through coordinated processes, and countermeasures can be made.

Connecting technical systems to EVALARM

EVALARM provides the possibility to connect several alarm systems, like fire alarm systems, SOS buttons, building management systems or IT-systems. EVALARM is a platform, which receives signals and distributes the relevant informations to defined receivers fastest possible. If an alarm system is connected to EVALARM, the alarm gets triggered automatically in our system. Beside the fast and automatic alerting of defined persons, the big advantage of EVALARM is that you can merge all your alarm systems in one system and don't need an extra app for every device.

For connecting alarm systems, EVALARM provides several possibilities. You can connect alarm systems via SMS, Email or other external systems like ESPA-interface or printer port.

Information about connecting technical system to EVALARM you can find on the following pages:

Fire Alarm System

Building Management systems (Elevators, escalators, ventilation systems,...)

SOS Buttons

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