Alarm schedules allow you to schedule alarms to be triggered automatically. This is useful, for example, for regular fire brigade or amok exercises or routines such as daily or weekly patrols.

To create alarm schedules, go to "Workflows" and then to "Alarm Schedules".

There you can create a new alarm schedule.

In the next step you then select the alarm type for which an alarm schedule is to be created.

You can then select specific alarm details which will then be specified when the alarm is automatically created.

Finally, set the exact schedules. You have the following options:

  • Is repeated daily at X o'clock and every X days

  • Is repeated weekly at X o'clock and every X weeks on the following X weekdays

  • on a specific date at a specific time

The starting time for the first/next repetition is always the time when the alarm schedule is created or updated.

At this point you can also create several schedules for the previously selected alarm type in combination with the selected alarm details. You can do this simply by clicking the "Add" button.

When you have created all the schedules, click on "Create".

In the alarm schedule overview you will then see a list of all alarm types for which an alarm schedule has been created. You can use the actions at any time to add a new alarm schedule for the alarm type, edit existing information or delete the existing schedules.

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