In the section alarm management you have the possibility to configure the permissions for each user role, user group or on-call group for every alarm scenario.

In principle, you can configure whether a user role, user group or on-call group is able to do the following:

  1. Trigger alarm
  2. Update alarm (eg. change alert level, enter additional information, upload attachment) and can edit the tasks
  3. End alarm
  4. View FD-Plan (if configurated)
  5. View route maps (if configurated).

To configure the alarm permissions go to "LOCATION MANAGEMENT" and then to "Permissions".

Select Alarm type

In the first step, select the alarm type for which you want to configure the permissions.

Set Permissions for user roles

After you have selected your desired alert type, you will see all user roles and their respective permissions for this alert type in the overview.

Each user in EVALARM has one of the five user roles. If you configure the permissions for a user role at this point, then this setting applies to all users in your environment who have this user role 

To make a change, activate or deactivate the relevant permissions and confirm your selection with the "Save"-button.

The Administrator user role always has all permissions by default and these cannot be changed. With regard to the user roles, the authorization to end alarms can only be set or revoked for the user role Emergency and Crisis Team Leader. The Employee and Guest user roles cannot update or end alarms.

Permissions for user- and on-call groups

As for the user roles the permissions can also be configured for each user- or on-call group.

If you grant the permission to update or end the alarms for a user or on-call group, this setting only applies to users with the user roles Emergency and crisis team supervisor & Emergency and crisis team member. This setting does not apply to users with the user roles employee and guest.

Only three groups are displayed in the main overview. To customize permissions for all groups, go to the "Show All Groups" button.

All permissions for user or on-call groups can be edited in the overview.

You can only give shared user or on-call groups from another location in your company permission to update the alarm and edit tasks (if they are assigned any via processes).

Token groups (user-/on-call group that has added a provided token from a connector group from another EVALARM location) you can give all permissions as you can use this group like an internal group and you can also add users from your own location to it . However, users from another location who are linked to this group via a connector are only given permission to update the alarm and edit the tasks.

Confirm your selection with the "Accept"-button.

Finally, save all the settings you have made using the "Save"-button.

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