In emergency situations, access to current contact lists is important.  With EVALARM, the necessary contact lists are available in an emergency.

With EVALARM, you can create one or more contact lists and attach them to the alerting process.
In this way, contact lists can be specifically made available to specific persons.

The centralized maintenance of the contact lists also eliminates their distribution in paper form and the timelines are maintained.

A further advantage is that the contact lists can only be viewed in an emergency and are thus protected.

Create contact lists

Contact lists can be created and edited in the administration area in the Web console.

All contact lists are listed here.

New contact lists can be created here simply with names and a detailed description and contact persons can be added conveniently.

The sort key determines at which position the contact list will appear in the EVALARM App. The higher the sort key, the higher up the contact list.

If you mark the contact list as "private", the contact list will not be displayed for external alerted locations/users, if the contact list is configurated in the workflow.

If certain users do not already exist, you can also add them later.

Create contact persons and link them with contact lists

In addition, you can also create specific contact persons among the contacts of a contact list.

Contact persons - as well as employees - are merely passive contacts without an active function within the alert process.

They enable active users to access the contact information of important contact persons in situ.

This is useful, for example, when a fast connection to external technicians or security forces needs to be established.

Linking Contact Lists to Workflows

For the right people to have the right contact lists at the right time, they must be linked to the alerts via the workflows.

To do this, select the appropriate process and click view, or simply create a new workflow, as desired.

In the Action panel, you can now add task and contact lists for the specific workflow.

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