When creating new users, you must assign them one of the five user roles. Certain permissions are linked to these user roles by default.

In addition to the permission for specific access or in alarm scenarios, you can use these user roles as a target in workflows or assign specific documents to the user roles.

Overview user roles

The basic permissions of the individual user roles are as follows:

  1. Administrator: Sees everything and can do everything (permissions are fixed and cannot be adjusted)

  2. Emgergency & crisis team supervisor: Create alarms, receive alarms, edit alarms & tasks, and end alarms
  3. Emgergency & crisis team member: Create alarms, receive alarms, edit alarms & tasks, (and end alarms)*
  4. Employee: Create and receive alarms
  5. Guest: Create and receive alarms

*can be granted via user and on-call group permission. You can find more information about the permission settings for individual alarm scenarios here.

For the Guest user role, you can configure whether users can register themselves as guests. More information on guest management can be found here.

Users with the Guest role cannot log into the web cockpit (web.evalarm.de). At least the user role Employee is required for this.

On the right you will find a summary overview of some functions and permissions.

Furthermore there are the user roles Super Administrator and Super User.

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