Information Alarms

In addition to the structured organization of alert situations, you can use EVALARM to communicate with important user groups in a targeted and uncomplicated manner.

There is an information type of alarm category for this purpose.

The establishment of such an information alarm differs from other alarm types.

First, as usual, create a new alarm type, only this time you must choose the category of information.

Additionally you have the possibility to assign a priority. This determines at which point your information alarm will be listef in case of an alarm.

Simultaneous termination of several information alarms is only possible with priority 3.

Unlike normal alerts, however, you do not create alarm levels or additional information when setting up the alarm type information.

Information alarms allow direct communication between groups, which is why you create information groups, instead. Those are working like alarm levels.

Later on when creating the workflows, you can select the information group (instead of the alarm level) and put the users or user groups in the target of the workflow.

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