Blog from October, 2020

EVALARM Update 1.10.4

Dear customers and partners,

we like to present our new Update EVALARM 1.10.4 to you. This update contains some new features and reworks. The update will be on the 13th of october 2020. This update is not a major update, the previous app version still works after the update.


Logs for incoming events from alarm devices

Under Logs and in every alarm device configuration you now have the possibilty so see all incoming events. All events under Logs can be exported as Excel aswell.

Selection of the SMS- and call device

If the module SMS and/or Voice Message is activated on your location, now the users can decide in their profile, to wich number(s) (phone or mobile phone) the SMS or the call should be sent. With this function you also can completely deactivate the SMS/Call-notification for an user.

Rework of the task completion

If you open a task, you now see the current status of the task in the upper area. If you go on "Comment/Image" in the next step you now have the possibilty to only comment the task. Thereby the comment gets added to the task, but the status of the task is still "not done". Additionally the "Mark as undone" is now "Reset".


Allow duplicate alarms

The function Allow duplicates allows that the same user can create several alarms from the same alarm type. This function makes sense for frequent or long active alarms like technical faults.

Further new features:

  • Permission for individual checkpoint management (Android)
  • Design-rework, especially alarm report
  • Expansion of the search functions
  • By generating an alarm report, attachments can be downloaded as separate files automatically
  • The user role "employee" can't generate alarm reports anymore
  • reCaptacha math
  • Rework of the SMS processing in workflows

We hope, that you like the improvements. You are welcome to send us your feedback to or your questions to

We thank you for your trust and wish you a lot of success with EVALARM.

Your EVALARM team