EVALARM Update 1.10.3

Dear customers and partners,

we like to present our new Update EVALARM 1.10.3 to you. This update focuses on the the new dashboard for the EVALARM External Units and some small new features for the app.


Automatic Alarm escalation

The automatic alarm escalation provides you the possiblity to escalate or create new alarms automatically by the system. The escalation always relates to a time period till the autom. escalation and the number of users who have to "accept" the alarm.

Maintenance Mode

This feature provides you the possibility to set active configurations and sub-configurations of external system, which are connected via the ESPA 4.4.4 interface to EVALARM, into maintenance mode. Thus all messages of the connected system are temporarily are not processed and shown in EVALARM.



The RFID-Client provides you the possibility to configure RFID-tags in EVALARM, thus you can create alarms in EVALARM via the tag.

If the RFID-tag was configured in EVALARM, the user only has to hold his phone onto the tag and the pre-configured alarm gets created in EVALARM automatically.


Further new features:

  • Rework login-screen and user interface
  • Rework access rights
  • Rework alarm report (now also in landscape view)
  • New icon: keys

We hope, that you like the improvements. You are welcome to send us your feedback to feedback@evalarm.de or your questions to support@evalarm.de.

We thank you for your trust and wish you a lot of success with EVALARM.

Your EVALARM team

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