EVALARM Update 1.10.1

Dear customers and partners,

we like to present our new Update EVALARM 1.10.1 to you. This update focuses on the the new dashboard for the EVALARM External Units and some small new features for the app.


The new EVALARM Dashboard

With the new dashboard for the EVALARM External Unit, you get a multi-client overview of all alarm events across all linked locations in real time. Furthermore you can generate detailed reports for all of your linked locations and events, export them and adapt them to your individual needs.

More Informations about the configuration and the using of the dashboard you can find in our Wiki.

Administration of users while alarms are active

Users with administration rights now have the possibility to administrate everthing regarding the EVALARM Users while alarms are active. This is the first step in our efforts to enable further functions of the adminstration while alarms are active in the following months.

Attachment in alarm creation wizzard

Now it is possible to upload an attachment already in the alarm creation wizzard. In addition to the known file types you also can upload videos or voice memos now.

Expansion of the Quick Alarm feature

Now it is possible to add additional informations and attachments in the quick alarm feature.

Further new features:

  • Select all prio 3 alarms with one click to end them simultaneously
  • Alarm creation via email in HTML format
  • Alarm emails from EVALARM are sent with the prio "high" to clients, which support this function
  • SOS alarm emails contain the geodata and contact details of the affected person
  • Alarm emails contain links to attachments


Outlook upcoming features

Automatic Alarm Escalation

With this featrue it will be possible to escalate an alarm automatically, if in an defined time period after triggering a certain number of persons haven't "accept" the alarm. With this feature it will also be possible to trigger other alarms automatically.


Soon the EVALARM pc-client will be available. With this EVALARM client alarms can be dispalyed directly on the pc screen.

Maintenance mode

To support all our users, who have connected technical systems to EVALARM, we are developing a maintenance mode. With this mode it will be possible to prevent messages from connected technical system for an defined time period.

We hope, that you like the improvements. You are welcome to send us your feedback to feedback@evalarm.de or your questions to support@evalarm.de.

We thank you for your trust and wish you a lot of success with EVALARM.

Your EVALARM team

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