Dear customers and partners,

we like to present our new Update EVALARM 1.10 to you.

The update will be during the night of 13th April to 14th April. The update is a major release, consequently the user have relogin into the app after the update!


New module: Patrol Rounds

The highlight of the update is the new module patrol rounds.

You can create checkpoints an add them to patrol rounds. Furthermore you can add specific tasks or inspection instructions to the checkpoints. NFC-tags, QR-codes or barcodes can be assigned to the checkpoints, which have to be scanned for marked as done. Futher you can add comments or attach images to every checkpoint.

The setup is very easy. Existing NFC-tags, QR-codes an barcodes from other systems can continued to use unproblematically.

For every patrol round you can generate a report with all details.


Further changes in the app

Within the developement of the new module we also expanded the functionalities of the tasks. Now you have the possibilty to add comments or attach images to tasks! This functionality is optional and can be skipped, so nothing changes the usual handling.

Also you can rotate attachments in the app now.



Beside the new checkpoint management we are looking forward to further new features in our web-interface.

With a long-press it is now possible to create a quick-alarm in the cockpit. External alarms can be viewed in the cockpit as same as in the app. Also the user interface for SOS and evacuation alarms was adjusted to the cockpit design.

Furthermore administrators now have the possibilty to see in the user tab, which user- and on-call groups the user is assigned to and can add users to existing user groups via the excel import.


A list with all release notes you can find in our Wiki.

We hope, that you like the improvements. You are welcome to send us your feedback to or your questions to

We thank you for your trust and wish you a lot of success with EVALARM.

Your EVALARM team

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