Dear customers and partners,

we worked hard all summer long to present new features to you in the third quarter of 2019.

Participation Options & Dead Man's Switch

On the 6th of September we start with the new variable participation options. For administrators it is now possible to add up to four optional response options. Therefore the emergency teams can communicate quickly, at what time they will be on site.

If the participation option is not activated for an alarm type, everything remains the same. Important for every user: Now it is possible to change your own status of response!

We also increased the clarity of the list of receivers. Beside the displaying of the new response information, the lists for "Accept", "Reject" and "No response" are now retractable and show the number of receivers of every list on the right site.

As some user might already noticed, in the Dead Man's Switch it is now possible to set the time interval variable between 3 and 15 minutes.

Major Update Autumn 2019

A few weeks later follows the Major Autumn Update. This will include a variety of improvements, which we received from our customers. The highlights of the update are the self-configuration of technical systems, rework of the cockpit UI and the option to override the sound settings on iPhones in important alarms. More details including the exact date are following.

Best regards,


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