There are some general settings in EVALARM.

You can find them under Location Management in the administration.


  • Name of the location
  • Adress
  • Geo-position (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Logo
  • Contact person of the location


  • Default and fallback language
  • Allow external alerts
  • Emergency number

Guest access

  • Allow Guest Login
  • GPS – enable monitoring and geo-fence function

Location Management / Details

Under Details you can edit the name and the adress of the location.

The Latitude & Longitude of your location is very important for the use of the Geo-fence feature.

Furthermore you can display the Google Maps geo-position of your location in the web-cockpit in an active alarm.

The logo, which you can upload, is diplayed in the web-portal and in the apps for this location.

The contact person of the location can be helpful if you use the company overview with the Super-Admin. Then you have all contact data for every location of your company in one overview.

Location Management / General

If you have multiple locations, you can link them or track alerts across locations. 
Alerts from other locations appear as external alarms. You can enable or disable this function.

You can also set a secondary language for your business.

The menu of the app is displayed in the secondary language if the language settings of the respective cell phone are not supported by EVALARM.

Next you can enter an emergency number, which can be dial on the startinterface of the app by pressing the red button.

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