EVALARM offers you further, visual information to make the alert more efficient:

You can link your plan and specific fire department routing maps with front and back to EVALARM.

This allows you to locate alerts more quickly and to control countermeasures.

At the same time, the maps are kept up-to-date by the central organization in EVALARM.

 The maps in PDF format are encrypted, stored locally and only available in alert situations.

In the following we explain how to:

  • Add a plan with detailed maps
  • Create route maps with front and back pages

Fire service plan and detailed maps

You can find the building maps in the location management administration console.

You can edit the fire service plan for your location here.

When creating the plan, you must select the name, the description as well as the file itself.

The map, in turn, must be divided into a grid in rows and columns.

This grid lets you to connect the sectors of the building structure and detailed map exactly to the plan.

This means that at all times the important clarity is ensured.

There is always only one plan, so you can refine it with detailed maps.

Using these detailed maps, it is possible to directly access the local structures via sectors on the FD plan.

The detailed maps are created in the same way as the plan in location management; only, the exact grid position of the subsectors has to be defined via the rows and columns.

Create the front and back maps

In order for you and the fire department forces to have all important information in case an alert occurs, you can link parts of the building with the appropriate route maps.

The route maps, i.e. the front and back sides are thereby assigned to the sectors already created in the building structure.

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