With EVALARM important documents and maps are available on mobile devices.

These documents can be specifically assigned to specific users and user groups, so only these users see this - and only what they should see!

The documents are transferred to the mobile devices when created and are immediately available there.

They are stored in encrypted form on the terminals and are thus protected against random access.

You can add, update, or delete new documents and maps at any time. This ensures that all users always have the latest documents available.

Manual distribution is therefore no longer required.

The following explains how to:

  • Create document groups and assign user groups
  • Add Documents for existing document groups
  • Use the documents in the EVALARM app
  • Use maps in the EVALARM app

Create document groups and assign user groups

Documents and maps are organized by document groups. Each document group can in turn be assigned to one or more user groups.

The management of documents can be found on the Location Management in the EVALARM Web console. Existing document groups are listed here and you can create both new document groups and documents.

When creating a new document group, you must first select whether the documents you want to create a document group for, are information documents or maps. In addition to the name, sorting key and description.

Depending on the document type, you can find the document group under "Documents" or "Maps" on the app start screen.

Afterwards, you can attach already in the cloud existing documents/maps to the document group.

This is useful if you want to assign the same documents to different user groups.

You can then decide which user roles and/or user groups should have access to the document group.

You can also edit the access rights later.

Adding documents to existing document groups

You can easily add new documents, whether information or maps, to existing document groups via location management.

Create new document

To do this, simply create a new document, add the name, sort key, description, and one or more files.

You can then select the existing document groups to which you want to add the new document.

The size of the file must not exceed 5 MB.

Furthermore you have the possibility to add an document to a task, that this document can be opened directly in the task in the app.

Exchange existing documents

Following we want to shown you, how you can exchange documents, which are already assinged to a document group.

Select section Documents

Select the section "Documents" in the Location Management.

Select document groups

Select the document group which the document was assigned to and click on the "view" symbol.

Select document

In the next step select the document under "Documents", which you want to exchange. Therefore click on the "view" symbol again.

Then you click on the button "edit".

Upload new document

Enter the upload link for the new document to finish.

The size of the file must not exceed 5 MB.

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